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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an artist to do art therapy?

No, art therapy is for everyone. All you need is a willingness to express yourself! The goal is self-expression, with the emphasis on the creative process rather than on technique or skill. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to draw a straight line!

Is art therapy just for kids?

Art therapy is good for any age! Everyone from children to the elderly can benefit greatly from self expression with art materials.

Is an art therapist a “real? therapist?

Yes, art therapists are required to take similar coursework to many other mental health professionals. They are also required to have a Masters degree and do hundreds of hours of supervised work with clients before they can practice art therapy.

What kinds of issues can art therapy help?

Art therapy can be used to address a number of issues including eating disorders, substance abuse, autism, developmental delay, psychiatric disorders, ADHD, trauma, depression, grief and loss, self-injurious behavior, and PTSD or hospice.

What is a typical session like?

Though each session will vary based on the needs of the client, a typical session will begin with some introduction and check in. Then there will be time for a creative process, perhaps based on the issues that came up in the talking. Then, there will be time for sharing and ending the session. Some clients perfer to work on their art outside of session and bring it in to process with the art therapist.

What kinds of materials might I use in a session?

You will use what you are comfortable with and you will have guidance from the art therapist in choosing materials. Some materials may include-picture cut outs from magazines, photographs from home, clay, sand, paint, and drawing materials like pastels or pencils or even found objects.

Can an art therapist be my primary therapist?

Art Therapists are qualified professionals that have similar training to many other mental health professionals.

I already have a therapist. Can I still do art therapy?

Yes, art therapy can bring new vision and insight into your work with your therapist.

Can I claim art therapy services on my health insurance?

There are art therapists in this area that have additional mental health licenses that enable them to provide art therapy to people with insurance. Please check with your individual art therapist.